MARCH 29 - MAY 28 2021

The Dionysian Kid invites viewers on a journey into Alias Trate’s fantastical world, where past and present, mythical and real coexist. Through a visceral, drone-led experience, the viewer embarks on  an aerial tour of Trate’s East London neighborhood before flying into his studio for an intimate showing of the new paintings. To enhance the color grading of the surveillance drone footage, the interactive gallery tour offers high-definition pop-ups of each of the works, which can be navigated at the viewer’s discretion.

Exploring Trate’s obsession with the conflicting drives of vice-ridden passion and virtued reason, The Dionysian Kid draws inspiration from both subconscious sources and classical mythology. The Greek god Dionysus embodies the chaotic, irrational pursuit of passion.  Although typically associated with excess and debauchery and often positioned in contrast to his brother-god Apollo, who embodies pure form and aesthetic rationality, Dionysus also has a complex history: raised as a girl, one might also consider the god to be one of the first shapeshifters and gender nonconforming entities.  

The Dionysian Kid is curated by Belgian born curator and academic Tim Goossens. Tim is an Associate Director of Academics at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York, where he lives and works.

Interactive Drone Gallery

Exhibit Booklet

Selected Works

Dionysian Will
Orphic Self-Mythology
Hera Disquiet
Paralytic Bath
Bad Myth
Prophetic Woe
Biotic Despair
Tender Emaciation
Aesthetic Pathogen
Feral Muse
Patience Forlorn
Kid Vice